Know What’s Sexy? Home Management Part 2

Home Management Pt 2 Header

This is the second installment in a series on the hot and heavy subject of Home Management – how we’re all doing it (poorly or prolifically) and why it should butter your biscuit as much as it does mine. For Part 1, click here.

What is this thing you speak of, “Home Management”?

I’ve been throwing around this term “Home Management” quite a bit (and putting quotes around it, or capitalizing it, or not, completely at random. Sorry). But I haven’t quite defined exactly what home management is. I think of home management as: Continue reading

Know What’s Sexy? Home Management, That’s What!

Sexy, as in provocative. Maybe. Or like, controversial. Because you really don’t want to deal with it, but you for sure should. The right word here is “important,” okay? But “sexy” is just better. I don’t really know how to broach this subject, because it’s just beyond Home Ec-y. Just don’t Google “Home Management.” It’s not something you want to actually invest time or effort, or God forbid, emotions into. I’ll invest the emotions for you.

Buddha, enlighten my home management skills.

My actual sink. My actual dirty dishes.

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