Hi! I’m Maren.

A while back I got to thinking about how I like to fiddle with stuff, and how there’s this full-fledged maker movement SWEEPING THE NATION – but there’s no institutionalized ways of learning exactly how to do any of this anymore.

Home ec, wood, metal, and auto shop – they’re all gone. No one learns how to make or fix things anymore. Unless you’re as obsessed with Google as I am.

I’m going to Google some shit and learn how things are done. And you should join me.

I have a loose plan:

  • I’ll take a few classes on welding, wood working, canning, whatever – and report back on the results.
  • I’ll talk to makers, maybe even record their actual voices so you can hear what a maker sounds like in real life.
  • I’ll interview old dudes. Because old dudes know what’s up. And you know they make the best shit.

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