SOAP: A Workshop – what went down!

Guess what we made last Thursday? Soap. From scratch. Likfightclube Fight Club, only way less intense. (Everyone who’s talked to me about our first workshop has heard that one, but I’m putting it in writing anyway.)

Our very first course, SOAP: A Workshop, featuring Clyde Yoshida, soap master and owner of Vibrant Soap, gets filed under SUCCESS. We had a fabulous time getting to know the art and science of cold-process soaping, together with the diligent and hilarious students who joined us in the Mississippi Street studio. Clyde did a wonderful job familiarizing us with ingredient selection, how to arrive at the proper ratios of components, and introduced us to a few secret ingredients that guarantee a high quality bar of luxury soap.

We got to play with gorgeouslisafrank1 mica colorants, which we used to learn the pot swirl technique for creating a beautiful swirled effect that is revealed when you cut the soap loaf into bars. The top of our loaf was finished off with a mantra swirl that gave it a really cool marbled look. It looked so rad, like a Lisa Frank graphic, and it smelled delicious. Clyde tells me people are always telling him they want to eat his soap, and of course, he’s like, “No. Don’t.” But seriously, this stuff triggers the salivary glands. It’s that awesome.

Wanna see the end product? Yeah you do:  IMG_4361

Purdy, huh? So vibrant and glittery. We did a cutting video with a little chat between Clyde and me that I’ll post as soon as it’s edited together with a bit of the footage from the workshop. So come back to see the beautiful swirls in each slice of this work of art. Congrats to our students on a job SUPER well done! The bars are curing on the drying rack and will go home with everyone so they can brag about their new skillz.

Want to do amazing stuff like this in our sweet backyard studio? Tell me in the comments below what you’d like to see on the books. Next post will reveal February’s workshop – so stay tuned!

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