5 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Maker

unleash your inner maker


I’ve been daydreaming about how to help get the maker juices flowing, whether it’s after a creative drought or as a way to get exposed to the possibility of making if you’re a person who’s never considered themselves particularly creative. Creativity is a roller coaster ride, where inspiration ebbs and flows – getting on the damn thing is a necessary step in the right direction. So let’s get on: Continue reading

Not Knowing How to Sew on a Button Does Not Make You an Idiot

Something you likely know already.

On an intellectual level, at least. I hope.

But I’ve had so many people tell me with downcast eyes that they’re “Just not crafty,” a phrase I sort of resent because I’m kind of a craft snob. As in, I don’t believe in crafting, really. I believe in making. And that all humans are inherently two things: learners and makers. It’s what we are as a species. As a human, your birthright  is to explore your world and make things in it. You already know how to do it, at a cellular level. Let’s connect that DNA to our hands, and get to making already: Continue reading

On Cars and Moxie

I have always wanted to be a person who knows intimately about cars. There’s no denying, it’s just a cool thing to know about. Forget about makes and models and all that shit. I mean more like all the systems and how to diagnose issues, and what leads where, and why things are configured one way and not the other, and the physics and chemistry of the whole racket. Continue reading